What’s Better Than a New Customer? A Returning Customer!

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What’s Better Than a New Customer? A Returning Customer!

It can be very easy to focus your sales process on new customers. After all, bringing in new customers can be a great way to bring more orders into your business. However, the often-quoted statistic is true: it is much more expensive to bring in a new customer than it is to bring your existing customers back.

Building up a strong relationship with your customers is about showing that you know their needs and can speak directly to them. Here are just a few of the ways that you can help build that relationship and bring your customers back for another order.

Don’t Let Them Forget You

“Brand recall” is a term you’ve probably seen floating around, and your customer’s ability to recognize your branding is definitely something to consider. Make sure that they remember your name! Consider following up a few days after their order arrives to ensure that their order meets their expectations or sending periodic messages to announce new products or to highlight monthly favorites.

No matter what you choose, these reminders are a great way to ensure that your business is top of mind the next time your customers need to order.

Ask Your Customers What They Are Looking For

Everyone wants to feel heard, so asking about the products your customer is most interested in is a good way to keep them engaged in your business and to ensure that the products you offer are a great fit for them. If you put together a customer feedback survey, it could be a great addition to a customer appreciation week. If you’re looking for an ongoing way to gain customer feedback on your product selection, consider asking them at the end of sales meetings or having a comment box at your storefront.

Do Your Research
You know your customers—it’s time to put that information to use! Doing your research lets you know which products to recommend when upselling to your customers.

Remember the Power of a Good Referral
Returning customers aren’t just great customers—they’re also an invaluable marketing tool! Asking your existing customers for a referral, or even rewarding referrals with a discount, can make your existing customers feel like you value their business and can help bring in new business at the same time.