What Kind of Checks Should I Order for My Business?

Posted by bullseyejc bullseyejc
If you operate a business,  you need checks to run a normal day to day operation.

When ordering your business checks with BullsEye Printing, we will make the transition from your current supplier seamless and hassle free.  For added convenience, we can also set your company up for an auto order, and ship them directly to your front door!

Business Checks on Top
These checks are the most common ordered by businesses. They are compatible with many of the payroll software available. This is the most common and popular choice due to the fact they do provide multipurpose voucher checks including two stubs. This way you can keep a copy for your records and give one to the employee, vendor, etc.

Business Checks in Middle
As you probably have guessed, these business checks print the check portion in the middle of the document. Peachtree is the main software that uses this check style. The top portion of the printout is for book keeping and the bottom printout portion is for the payee.

Business Checks 3 On Page
This style is laser printed and used predominately by QuickBooks software. It is exceptional in the fact that it saves on extra vouchers by printing 3 checks on one page, hence the name.

Business Checks on Bottom
The actual check portion is printed on the bottom of the document with this style. It is used by multiple types of software for payroll and accounts payable needs.

All of these business checks can be ordered quickly online at www.BullsEyeJC.com, or you are welcome to stop by our office.  We have many different styles, colors, and backgrounds to choose from and can even add your company's custom logo!  The main thing you need to know is what software you use.

As you can see, ordering your checks with BullsEye Printing is a breeze!