Spark Orders This 4th of July

Posted by bullseyejc bullseyejc

I know it feels like we’re barely into summer, but this is the perfect time to start planning an Independence Day marketing campaign! Whether you want to host a sale or simply want to get into the patriotic spirit to attract passers-by, here are our tips for creating a marketing campaign that really sparks your customers’ imaginations.

1. Create Something New
If your business connects with customers on social media, the Fourth of July is a great chance to create something new for the special occasion! Taking a photograph for the occasion is a good option, whether that photograph is of your staff decked out in patriotic colors or a group of your favorite red, white and blue samples.

You can also use this idea to create window or desktop displays for your business! Bring together samples in a red, white  and blue color scheme and arrange them on your desktop to create a small design. You can also use samples alongside colored bandanas, paper pennant banners, and other colorful pieces to create a window display with flair.

2. Get Your Workplace in the Spirit
While you’re working on decorating your workplace and your social media presence, don’t be afraid to get your workplace into the spirit of the day! Consider encouraging your staff to dress up the day before the holiday. While this might not immediately spark orders, it can be a great way to make a friendlier atmosphere in your business. It also gives you an opportunity to take a seasonal staff photo, which is a great way to put a personal face to your social media presence.

3. Create a Sale
Nothing brings people in quite like a summer sale, and the Fourth of July is an excellent occasion for a sale. Send out a coupon to your top customers or have a general sale to make a bigger impact. If you’re looking for a way to offer your customers a promotion without impacting your bottom line, keep an eye on upcoming promotions from your suppliers for product ideas.

4. Reach Out to the Community
If you do a lot of business in your local community, reaching out to that community for the holiday is a great opportunity to connect with prospective customers. Consider donating to the community’s fireworks fund or having a float in a Fourth of July parade. This goes double for community charity events. Not only are these events a great chance to connect with consumers they’re also a chance to show off your company’s friendly, charitable side.