Business Cards 101

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Business cards play a MAJOR role in first impressions, especially in the business world.  Our entire team has been in the printing business for a long time, so we’ve compiled our own list of Do’s and Don’ts that will make your business cards the center of attention.

1) Quality Paper Stock Only
The paper stock that you use illustrates your commitment to quality. A card that bends and feels flimsy isn’t going to let you put your best foot forward. You don’t have to settle for sub-par paper.  Instead, try out a thick, coated stock.  Using a textured stock, such as linen or laid, is always a classy move.  BullsEye Printing offers a vast selection of quality card stock to choose from.

2) Have Fun with Your Logo
If you don’t have a logo already, we encourage you to design one or let us design one for you. If you want to get creative, add touches of bright color (when appropriate) to help bring out the logo even more.

Yes, use color. Black and white cards just don’t create the same type of impact as cards with color. Don’t get too carried away just yet though. Try to stick with one particular color scheme. If you just want to add a bit of color but want to keep things simple and sleek, consider using navy blue or gray instead of black ink for the text.

5) Utilize the Back of your Card
This last tip is pretty straight forward. If you can, you might want to consider using the back of the business card. One of the main reasons you would leave it blank is if you plan to write personal notes on the business cards. Otherwise, add an interesting graphic, photograph or design. This is also a great spot for that new logo!

•Clip Art - Printing has indeed come a long way from the days of picking out a picture in a book.  Let us walk you through our selection of high quality images.
•Too many fonts - Stick with no more than 2 fonts unless absolutely necessary.
•Too much information - Your Business Card is not meant to be your resume or a complete list of services you and your business supply.  Avoid putting too much information. Stick to the basics.

In closing, remember that your business card is a reflection of you!

Our highly skilled team here at BullsEye Printing will guide you through every step.  Contact us today for a quote!